In the heart of Barcelona, Maestró creates this home-brewed beer to celebrate the arrival of the spring. A Vienna-style beer, whose golden tone is painted by the best malts and Sorachi Ale hop, which provides an exotic touch with lemon, coconut and especially wood flavours. A perfect creation to enjoy the season in the best company.
Maestró Blanche is a non-filtered craft beer. Its turbidity is due to the malted wheat and a unique brewer's yeast grown in Lilles (France). The end result is a subtle balance between acidity and fruity flavours.
Maestró Blonde is brewed solely with Pilsen malt, which provides it with a particular body. The addition of carefully selected hops adds a distinctive fresh flavour and strong bitterness to it.
Maestro Ambrée is the result of a precise mix of pale and caramel malts, which colour this beer with a beautiful red tone. Malt percentage is higher than in the Blonde beer. The amber provides a hint of smoothness and good volume at tasting and also contains a higher volume of alcohol.
Maestró Brune is brewed with pale, caramel and torrified malts, which provide it with toasted and chocolate notes and add some contrast to its bitterness.
In a quest through North America, Maestró discovers another version of the classic Indian Pale Ale. This style, of British origins, was once adapted to the local raw ingredients and now Maestró has brought them to Barcelona to create a beer inspired by the summer. The result is a low-proof Summer IPA, refreshingly bitter with a powerful citrus scent. The best choice to beat the summer heat!


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